July 9, 2011

Brooklyn Exposed…

love the colors!

There are so many advantages of living in Brooklyn these days, and the Summer months really are the best days to experience all this borough has to offer. Last week, a friend & I hightailed it to the African Arts Festival downtown after hitting up the Huetiful Pop-Up event, and strolled through booths filled with memorable art pieces, striking jewelry and product demonstrations that drew an eager crowd.

A great tool for those who’ve recently BC’d or starting locs

vibrant earrings

my new treasure, did I mention how much I adore colors!

I’ve been a HUGE fan of this designer’s work since her line debuted, so great to meet her in person

Look out for new prints by staying up to date on her FB page!

To keep up on what’s going on this Summer in BK, check out Brooklyn Exposed, the L Magazine¬†or Visit Brooklyn

5 Responses to “Brooklyn Exposed…”

  1. Kifana

    Sooo mad I missed this, Sunday was rainy, so didn’t want to bring my son in that. R u going to the NC Pool Party for sure?

    • chai

      hi Kifana, I will be in attendance for the party! it’s in my hometown, so I’d be a fool to miss out on this. Plus my friend assured me this hotel is AMAZING! He was there last week for an event and sang it’s praises…!

  2. Carla

    I wish we had more festivals like that out here in Louisiana. Or, perhaps they do, but I never remember when they are. I LOVE festivals simply because of the different type of people it brings. And not to mention, you get to meet so many talented individuals who pride themselves in the art, services, etc that they are exhibiting.

    • chai

      Louisiana had my heart the minute I attended Essence Music Festival last yr….THAT is a festival, lol. But I hear you on the more artsy ones….it’s often the perfect way to spend a weekend, just relaxing and enjoying artists display their work;)

  3. Agus

    Love the collage, such a prefect autumn feeling to it.I haven’t read the books but I’ve seen the movies (the first one was the best, the second and third were not as well made in my opinion but Noomi Rapace is amazing in each one of them! It will be interesting to see the American versions of the movies, I can’t imagine anyone else playing that part!)Katja s last [type] ..


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