• ChiCityKitty

    Hey Chai! Thanks for the great post.Your timing is perfect.

    I am also a fellow naturalista that finally found her holy grail after 10+ years through trial and error. I never had the patience, dedication and desire to grow my TWA out, which after 15 months is thriving. To this day, I am not afraid to experiment with other products, techniques and tips from the web and other sources.

    I have a girlfriend who is also natural 10+ years. The only difference is that she doesn’t do her own her hair. She will ocassionally tease me about my 4 to 5 hour weekly hair sessions and say that it takes me too long to do my hair. But I don’t mind the time. I know my hair better than anyone and I have mastered my twists like nobody’s business. Recently my friend revealed that her “stylist” was becoming a bit laxed about keeping appointments and running behind schedule. I asked her how long was she sitting around waiting and she replied an hour. So the total experience took about 3 and half hours. She then started in on me about my sessions and I had to put her in her place. I said that by doing my hair, it costs me time and by relying on someone else to do hers, it costs her time and MONEY. Needless to say, the teasing has stopped…

    • http://backtocurly.com chai

      thanks for the thoughtful response! To say that I can relate to your story…would be an understatement, lol! Over the years I’ve really enjoyed getting to know my hair more than anyone else as well…including my own Mum who used to wash & braid when I was younger. It’s a great feeling! Congrats to you for dedicating the time/effort into caring for your hair….trial & error sometimes is the only way;)

  • jaja

    I think its funny that now 3 hours is a long time, but some of us spend/have spent much longer than that to get weaves and braids. I guess its just that now we have to actually be the ones dealing with the hair.

    • http://backtocurly.com Chai

      i hear you…I rarely spent any less than 3 hours at a salon whenever it was time to either blow dry or relax. The time I put in at home most days is soooo much worth it;)

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