May 25, 2011

Andalou Naturals Sweet Orange & Argan Oil Conditioner


While there continues to be a surge in new product lines that cater to the needs of the curly haired masses, some are still finding it difficult to scour the internets, searching for brand names that sell the hair butters & lotions our hair so often craves. Whether hesitancy comes from the price of shipping & handling or from the average time it takes for the goodies to arrive at your front door, some naturals still prefer to shop through the aisles of their local beauty supply or health food store.

Thankfully, while we wait for some of our small niched brands to reach the aisles of our local Ulta or Target, stores like Whole Foods are stocking up on a ton of new curl friendly products that are affordable and work well. I mentioned Pooka Pure & Simple a while back (also stocked at Whole Foods), and just this past week  finished up a bottle of a new favorite condish from Andalou Naturals, their Moisture Rich Sweet Orange & Argan Oil formulated specifically for dry, curly, textured hair is the biz-NESS!

Packed with more nourishing oils & natural butters than most average conditioners that hang out on most shelves, this delivered on it’s promise to moisturize my parched Fro, leaving hair incredibly soft. I opted to use as a deep conditioner after each use because of it’s creamy texture, and left in the hair for 45min-1hour.

Formulated with my new fav ingredient, Manuka Honey along with cocoa butter, vitamin E, Shea Butter, Jojoba & Avocado Oils it’s definitely moisturizing, yet lacks in the slip department. Applying to my strands wasn’t exactly a chore, but because it does have a small trace of a cone (Dimethicone) I figured it should work better when applying. Nevertheless, I found it worked incredibly well for the price ($9), the smell is not overbearing….in fact it’s sweet & quite pleasant.  Coming in at a 11 ounce jar, you do get a good amount for the dollar. I was able to get a more than a few uses, and I’m a heavy handed gal, lol.

If you find yourself shopping at Whole Foods, or even a local health food store, be sure to check the shelves for newer brands! There’s bound to be a few hidden gems lurking about, the market for curly textured hair is finally changing and showing up at our local stores! Have you guys tried anything from Andalou? What did you like?

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  1. Ilana

    I HATED this conditioner, I have dry hair and this did nothing for it : ( loved the smell but that’s about it unfortunately.


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