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  1. thatgirldapsc
    April 22, 2011

    I have not been able to get that result from the pudding I used it on my hair and my childs hair and I let it dry overnight and it had white residue I tried it w/wo another product and I got the same effect. I have a barely used jar and a unopen jar and I’m not sure if I would try it again. Want to condition myself to use it again maybe its just how I used it I’m not sure.

    • chai
      April 22, 2011

      it does take a bit of trial and error…I got a bit of flaking in parts where I was a bit heavy handed, but they went away once I smoothed it over with some hair butter. I also have varying textures throughout, so many products react differently in each…frustrating! I’d say give it another try, maybe use a smaller amount with one of your favorite leave-in conditioners. another trick is to make sure hair is sufficiently wet/damp before applying a product that’s more prone to white flakes. I try to keep a spray bottle handy while styling to make sure I’m all good;)

  2. Miss Moon
    April 22, 2011

    While I was not overjoyed by the results of my twist out using the Curl Enhancing Smoothie on wet hair (For me it was great a few days, then quickly went awry in the frizz department!), I LOVE using it on my dry hair for a mid-week touch of moisture!!

    A word of warning though, do not use the smoothie and then use the body wash at the same time…. strange men will sniff you on the subway! LOL
    Miss Moon recently posted..Yummm! Pelau Chicken

    • chai
      April 23, 2011

      oh no…frizz! I’m on day 3 of the style, so I’ll keep a lookout for excess. Haven’t used it on dry hair yet, but love that it’s an option!

  3. PBG
    April 23, 2011

    I just started using this product about two weeks ago and I can say I am very satisfied. It works great for my twist-outs and braid-outs.GREAT definition and keeps my hair soft at the same time. I’ve only been a loose natural for about 6 months, and I never thought I’d “love” any products from the store since I’d been making a lot of my own, but I can say I really love this one. It going to be a staple of my styling regimen.

    • chai
      April 23, 2011

      I’m so happy it’s available in so many places now! I’ve used it only twice and half more than a half jar left…this never happens w/most stylers I typically use *thumbs up*

  4. Kim thomas
    April 25, 2011

    I use it on my wet hair and get mad compliments all the time. I should be on their payroll the way I advertise for them lol. I rinse my hair in the shower and apply the smoothie all over…put on a headband and go. I will rewet and reapply sometimes thruout the day though because I like the wet look.

    • chai
      April 25, 2011

      hey kim, do you use a leave-in underneath? if it can be used as a wash-n go styler, I might keep it in the rotation for the summer

      • kim thomas
        April 25, 2011

        yes I spray a leave in conditioner in it by Jane Carter Solution and it works great.

  5. Maria
    April 25, 2011

    I used it on my hair but it left it very oily and greasy maybe its because my hair is not A.A. hair, its just medium curly coarse. Im hispanic and my hair get very dry specially since i cut it and started flat ironing it. For now i use it as a deep condioner and it works wonders. I love the scent its soo fresh.

  6. TheBrownBabe
    April 25, 2011

    I have to agree that learning to use this product takes some trial and error, and is different for every head of hair. Now, I cant say I know exactly what to do now to get great results, but I definitely know what not to do!

    I first tried it as a leave in on freshly washed & conditioned wet hair – as a leave in I applied generously. While it worked wonders at melting away tangles & smoothing out my hair, my twist out was stiff and crunchy.

    I’ve used it sparingly as a styler over a leave in, and while it gives better results, its still a bit crunchy. Despite the crunch though, after it wears off its sooooo soft and moisturized, its almost worth it.

    I also really like it as a moisturizer after spritzing dry hair.

    A word of caution though – it inspires MAJOR shrinkage on my 4a/4b hair when styled wet…I guess thats the curl enhancing part :o)

  7. Tiffany
    April 25, 2011

    I can’t even say how EXCITED I am that this at Walgreens. I too missed the BOGO but just knowing that its there, local, handy, ready EXCITED. Definitely on the must list, and I will hear no ill words :)

  8. Ariele
    April 29, 2011

    I used this product with Kimmytube Leave in and it made my hair real curly . Using it by it selg cause me to have a kinky afro :(

  9. Michal Artist
    July 20, 2011

    Can men use this product

    • chai
      July 23, 2011

      of course, I don’t see why not;)!!

  10. auria
    October 8, 2015


    I’ve currently been trying different creams on my hair as everyone leaves my hair with white things however i brought the curl enhancing smoothie as i’ve been told its good however i washed my hair and put the cream and done about 5 plaits after 2 days i took the plaits out and it left my hair with white things in it. Can someone help me please

  11. xiomara
    December 22, 2015

    Hey! To anyone who’s experiencing the cakey whiteness in your hair after using this, I recommend still using the same amount and doing a twist out or comb it through your hair and scrunch it. Leave it in a silk/satin bonnet or scarf overnight, then rinse it out the next day. I’ve found that if I rinse my curls for too long the pattern loosens and it’s probably because I have dead ends I need to cut. So if you need a trim I recommend rinsing your hair as little as possible for the best curl pattern. also scrunch dry your hair with a cotton t shirt rather than a towel because that’s better to absorb the water without being so aggressive on your hair. After that you could leave it like that, add a little coconut oil or add extra styling gel to it

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