April 25, 2011

Pooka Shea & Olive Hair Butter

I was recently offered the chance to review a product line that’s been on my radar for a few months now & instantly jumped at the chance based on the incredible reviews. The story behind Pooka Pure & Simple is quite familiar if you’re one to dabble in small companies that manage to deliver exceptional products based on pure passion and heart.

A young women turns to a newfound love for creating bath & body products after a mysterious illness takes control of her body, and soon discovers that what we choose to put on our bodies has a much greater impact on our overall health, than many of us often realize.

Now, the Pooka Shea & Olive Hair Butter could be compared to the still growing number of hair creams on the market today, yet after opening this jar & taking one whiff it’s hard to strike up any comparisons. This is where I “GET GONE…” in the product department. Stick me in between a good smelling hair goodie & the promise of moisturized soft hair, and I’m always willing to listen.

(kindly ignore the sneaky eyelash in the pic) The consistency is just as soft as some of my favorite hair creams on the natural hair market, & measures up surprisingly well considering it’s packed with shea butter & olive oil as it’s base. I instantly thought this would be a greasy mess on both the hair & skin, but found it worked to smooth and soften hair while I pranced around town in two-strand twists, and opted for a twist out during the weekend.

I mostly used it as a maintenance product as opposed to a styler because of the growing length of my hair (I’d end up using almost half the jar). If you have a TWA, growing out your relaxed hair & transitioning, this would work fairly well to soften the dreaded two-texture zone & seal in valuable moisture that’s often lost. If you’ve avoided hair butters in the past in hopes of never having to deal with the greasy mess, I’d give this a go if you’re feeling fancy. It sinks into the hair fairly quickly & imparts crazy shine…but DO use sparingly! A small dollop will suffice, any more and you’re back to grease monkey status.

Because I do tend to look for products that won’t aggravate my already agita filled scalp, having a mix of both Rosemary Oil & Lavender Oil to nourish and stimulate the scalp is a great. I’ve recently started using it on my elbows to kick them into shape for the Spring/Summer shoulder bearing season & intend to use it over the next few weeks.

To find out more about Pooka Products click here. They offer a variety of different body butters, body polishes & shower gels that compliment each other quite well.

7 Responses to “Pooka Shea & Olive Hair Butter”

  1. Miss Moon

    I feel you on the smell factor of a product… I’m so willing to give a pass when it makes my hair smell luscious!!

    I am so shocked to have never heard of Pooka Products ::gasps::! I am venturing over to the website and try to contain myself! LOL

    P.S. (& totally off topic) – Did you ever get any of the Ben & Jerry’s Red Velvet Ice Cream? I haven’t made it down to Pathmark yet!
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    • chai

      loL! I did head over to PathMark with my Mum, but it was so packed due to the Holiday, we vamoosed before I could hit up the freezer section. Fret not though! I will find it & devour (will keep you posted;)!

    • chai

      I think you’ll love it! I’ve used it just about everyday since receiving, makes the hair nice & soft!


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