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    I am seriously loving the #UPLIFT movement. Since my early twenties, influenced by Lisa Bonet and Cree Summer, I’ve been a part of the Pirate Sisterhood movement, which has a similar message of women uniting and embracing one another. (Check out Lisa Bonet & Cree Summer interview from the now defunct Fierce Magazine) – http://kristinamoon.tripod.com/id3.html

    I recently had to “read” a sister on the subway recently: She was getting ready to fight me because she thought I was staring at her 17 year old, peach fuzz, boyfriend. I had to tell her a) I’m a grown woman with no desire to be a cougar just yet and b) I was actually admiring her beautiful handbag.

    It turns out that she designed the bag and wants to be a designer one day. I told her she could’ve had me as a potential client NOW, but my dislike for her attitude was greater than my desire to have a similar hand bag.

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