April 18, 2011

Hair Update & S’More…

I’ve been sticking to two strand twists for the past two weeks & must say… still loving everything about this style! Easy to maintain & pin up, I’ve fallen completely under the spell of this much beloved protective do. So much so, that I have not much to update as far as the bouffant goes.


What I do have in store are a few new goodies added to the hair arsenal, including Oyin Handmade’s Hair Dew Leave-In Conditioner as well as Shea Moisture’s Curl Enhancing Smoothie. Both reviews will go up this week.

Also found time to try a new ACV hair recipe that’s a modified kicked up version of the old one, and really fancy the results (post to come as well!). Truly forgot how much I relied on this rinse to give my hair some life & added shine.

*mini rant* Been battling a SERIOUS case of dry nest syndrome the longer in length the hair gets & coincidentally I’ve been finding handfuls of single strand knots. Do you guys have this problem? What do you use to curb the knots?

  • http://missmoonsmusings.blogspot.com Miss Moon

    That first photo is super duper cute!! Love it! ::fingers crossed:: I haven’t experienced a great deal of single strand knots (I think only twice in the past six months..), but I handled it with my trusty scissor, which is probably the wrong way to go about it! LOL

    • http://backtocurly.com chai

      thanks! I swear…I’m *this* close to picking up a pair of scissors and going to town! this suckers are annoying

  • http://justtryingtogetitright.wordpress.com Chinye

    I love me some protective styling! I usually develop single strand knots when I wear my hair loose for days on end without moisturizing and sleeping without my trusty bonnet. I haven’t figured out a way to get rid of them, lest clipping them all away, but that would eventually eat away at my length. So when i find some pesky knots, i leave them be and focus on stretching my hair (via braidouts). Streched hair means my coils won’t coil upon themselves, which really does help at keeping the single strand knots away.

    • http://backtocurly.com chai

      yeah…ignoring them is what I’ve been doing as well. I’m hoping a good deep treatment w/heat will get things back on track…but this may be the nature of the beast? eventually most natural hair gets prone to these knots, just never thought they’d bug me so much, lol

  • SimoneM

    i find that the more i stretch my hair (braids, twists, etc), the less knots i see. I always use rollers on the ends of my hair so that they dont dry and curl up on themselves and each other. HTH

    • http://backtocurly.com chai

      oh! never thought about securing ends w/rollers! that might be doable…I get most on the tippy ends of my strands

  • meeksj

    I hate those stupid knots.. Im over the length since Ive passed my goal long time ago.. So I have scheduled me an appointment to get me a nice trim/shape & im so excited as I call it my mini-BC.. im not going real short.. but eventually u will have to get those scissors & snip them away cause to me it seemed like they pulled in more hair to that one knot.and when that happens I just go ahead & give myself a small trim & they leave until the next time..so good luck with that.. oh on that Sheamoisture curl smoothing & the hair dew.. Hairgasm to the hair!! :-)

    • http://backtocurly.com chai

      Hmmm…there’s that word again…’trim.’ I’ve been avoiding it because of the hair challenge, but maybe a proper cleanup would help the situation. the ends are where the biggest problems are. Good luck on your mini-BC!! Any trip to the salon to get some hairs taken off is always a bit exciting;)

  • Trinette

    Have you tried OIL Rinsing? I learned this from the MopTop Maven’s website:

    Wash hair as usual
    Rinse out Shampoo
    Add OIL(EVOO, COCOnut oil, or your favorite) to entire head (1/4cup?)
    Let sit in hair for 2 to 3 minutes
    Rinse w/warm water
    Proceed to Condition your hair
    I do this with EVOO and it works!!!! bye bye SINGLE STRAND KNOTS!!!!!!

    • http://backtocurly.com chai

      thanks, Trinette! I have tried it…but mostly on my scalp, and never w/Olive Oil. I’ve used Jojoba & Coconut, but will add Olive to the list…at this point I’ll do anything!

  • http://www.naturalhairspeaks.com Alicia

    I hear yeah about length and single strand knots. I have been natural for three years. Prior to about six months ago I did not have much of a problem. Then as my hair grew longer I started having a problem. I wore two strand twists a lot my first two years then I wanted a break and that is when I noticed the knots. So, several weeks ago I had three inches cut off. Now I can handle my hair again. The only advice I can give is moisturize daily. Maybe two times a day. I notice low manipulation and braids help. BTW, I love your hair. Your twist out looks very nice.

    • http://backtocurly.com chai

      thanks, Alicia! might follow your advice and get at least an inch cut off so I can start slightly fresh & less frustrated. Keeping up with daily moisturizing is surely a must…thankfully warmer weather is coming, so it’ll be a ton easier

  • TheBrownBabe

    I hate those SSKs and they seem to be taking up residence all over my head! I know that keeping hair stretched is supposed to keep them at bay. I did a major search and destroy at the end of fall then kept my hair twisted up most of the winter. But they’ve still managed to find me. I’m planning for a major trim soon, but I’m beginning to believe its just the nature of the beast!

    (then to top it all off, I read on Natural Haven that stretching also causes damage & split ends – but not stretching causes ssk’s…so now im thoroughly confused *le sigh*)

    • http://backtocurly.com chai

      I am terrified of stretching! always have been so don’t think that’s in my future, but alas…a trim just might be:(