April 10, 2011

Hair Pantry | Bentonite Clay Natural Hair Detox

I’ve been using Bentonite Clay as a natural hair detox & conditioner for about two years now & continue to find it’s benefits something that adhere really well to my hair. When my scalp is in the throws of another round of inflammation madness, I can easily count on a single treatment to get things back on track.

Because the scalp has been miraculously behaving these past few weeks, I’m relying on the clay this week to deep condition & help restore some curls that’ve appeared a bit limp & lacking in body. In the past I’ve incorporated different liquid herbs as well as powders when scalp’s been acting up, you can read more here. Bentonite is a natural detoxifier for both skin & hair, meaning it draws out impurities, i.e. oil, residue and buildup of both hair & scalp.

The best mixes are typically the ones that incorporate ACV, herbal infusions to help achieve a good enough consistency to apply to hair. Using lukewarm to hot water will result in a lumpy mess, so sticking to colder infusions will work best. Thanks to Reader, Trinette for reminding me of this awesome demo vid from The MopTopMaven.

I leave my mix in hair for upwards of an hour before fully rinsing clean. Following up with a gentle cleansing conditioner can help to restore moisture back in the hair if you develop an overly stripped feel.

This Week’s Mix:

This mix was the easiest to apply to hair once I achieved a rather creamy consistency. Try playing around with proportions if you find the end result is difficult to apply to hair, gradually adding the necessary liquid to avoid a runny mix. Readily available at most specialty stores, including Whole Foods & Vitamin Shoppe at a relatively inexpensive price, this is one of the best/easiest at home hair treatments you can treat yourself to & it works great as a multipurpose face toner & mask as well!

*Have you used Bentonite Clay on Hair? How’d you like it?*

  • http://lion-essence.blogspot.com Als Simmons

    I used it on Wednesday… I mixed it with some indian powders, conditioner and ACV. My hair feels soft. I must do it often.
    Als Simmons recently posted..Solititude

  • http://awonderlust.blogspot.com/ sarah

    i haven’t done a bentonite clay treatment, but i must say that i am intruiged.
    sarah recently posted..rites of spring

  • http://www.dirtyprettythangs.com PBG

    I haven’t done a bentonite clay treatment yet, but I definitely want to try. I’d like to use it on my hair and on my face. I’ve read a lot of posts and articles about it and it seems worth a try.

  • http://protectagainst-radiation.com/ Tammy Lou

    Do you think this would help someone who had their hair damaged from a perm? My mother recently recieved her first permanent, and the top layer of her hair became like straw. We did a deep condition with oil and the hair improved (no beauty products would touch the damage), but it is still not attractive. She was very upset because she now has to curl it every day to keep it from looking like a haystack. The whole idea of the perm was to allow her to NOT curl her hair every day!
    Tammy Lou recently posted..Clay Radiation Detox

    • http://backtocurly.com Chai

      Hi Tammy, well the clay does well to remove any buildup from the hair….it’s pretty much a deep cleanser for your hair. It doesn’t have any repairing properties. Has your mother attempted any low dose protein conditioners? Often the best case for damaged hair, is to practice patience, keep nourishing with good care & products.

  • http://protectagainst-radiation.com/ Tammy Lou

    Thanks Chai, you are correct, she needs nourishing, not cleaning. I’ll tell her about he protein conditioner. Nice blog!
    Tammy Lou recently posted..Clay Radiation Detox

  • Melanie P

    For repairing properties I usually go by the recipe below:

    Equal parts of Bentonite Clay and Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

    1 egg white (2 if small eggs)

    2 tbsp EVOO

    I cover with a plastic cap and let it sit for about 45 min minimum. Leaves hair very soft and manageable. LOVE IT!

    • http://backtocurly.com Chai

      this is awesome…and easy! thanks Melanie;)

  • http://www.noiretropicalbeauty.wordpress.com Noire Tropical Beauty

    Thanks so much for this! I will definitely try!

    • http://backtocurly.com Chai

      let me know how it goes for your hair;)!

  • Teresa

    Please email me back to my email adrs. i need to know what I did wrong. I use the bentonite clay just on my scalp. My hair texture is terrible now. I have soft natural curly hair and now my hair is kinky looking and tight. Thanks

    • http://backtocurly.com Chai

      Hi Teresa,

      Did you wash the clay completely out of your hair? Often times (depends on the texture of hair) a follow-up with a creamy conditioner, or a 10 minute deep condition will give you better results. Some women develop hair that feels a bit straw like after using a clay or powder (particularly Henna). Definitely try rinsing completely (until water runs clear), and applying a conditioner afterwards;)

  • Merry

    should you wet your hair before putting the mixture on your hair?

    • http://backtocurly.com Chai

      Hi Merry, I’ve actually done both. If I need a deeper cleanse + conditioning, I add a bit of my favorite Thera Neem Scalp Shampoo (to my scalp), do a short poo, then add the mixture. If my scalp isn’t too bad, I simply add the clay to dry hair. Both have worked great for me:)

    • http://backtocurly.com/ Chatel

      Hi Merry, I’ve actually done both. If I need a deeper cleanse + conditioning, I add a bit of my favorite Thera Neem Scalp Shampoo (to my scalp), do a short poo, then add the mixture. If my scalp isn’t too bad, I simply add the clay to dry hair. Both have worked great for me:)