February 19, 2011

Tangle Teezer Giveaway!!

I mentioned before that my main goal going into the Healthy Hair Challenge 2011 was to focus more on keeping my hair practices simple while still maintaining effectiveness. Now, in order to accomplish this I’ve stepped up my protective styling game, reduced my overall product usage & focussed more on being more gentler with my strands when detangling each week.

I’ve been a long time Denman brush user for a few years, and haven’t had much complaints. It does the job of elimating a week’s worth of tangles & sets hair perfect enough for styling. BUT…a curly girl’s faith has been tested, and I’ve recently found myself game to try the new craze, The Tangle Teezer.

Mae from Natural Chica did a great review of the detangler, and I was further impressed! Still hesitant…but, intrigued.

So, to help squash any hesitations I might have, here’s a giveaway to help encourage others who might also be on the fence about trying this dubious invention!

Ways to Win!

  • To qualify,  simply leave comment down below letting me know the best way you’ve found to detangle your hair, i.e. Denman, finger combing, wide toothed comb etc.
  • For an additional entry, simply like my new Facebook Page ( all who’ve done so already are automatically eligible to win)

*UPDATE*. The folks over at Tangle Teezer have generously donated TWO MORE to the pot, so that’s ultimately THREE chances to win!

Giveaway will remain open until Friday, February 25th at 9 p.m. EST., & is open to all US & Canadian residents. Winner will be chosen at random & notified within 1 week by e-mail.

**Please leave a valid e-mail address. Winner will have 10 days to respond once one is chosen**


*If you’ve already tried the Teezer, please let me know your thoughts! I’ll be trying it out for the first time this weekend, and I’m excited!!*

77 Responses to “Tangle Teezer Giveaway!!”

  1. Kristal


    The best way I found to detangle my hair is to do it in four sections when I wash my hair. I finger comb each section as I cleanse it with shampoo and then I use my modified Goody’s Denman brush to detangle from tip to root after I apply conditioner to the section of hair.

    beadifullyyounique at gmail (dot com)

  2. Cristine

    I follow on FB [ms.cristine yvonne] :]
    The best way for me to detangle has been with my jilbere shower comb – i LOVE that thing! even though I have a denman, I always go back to my wide tooth comb. & the denman [at least the one I have] is actually better suited for styling and clumping not really detangling so I tend to only use it to smooth/straighten my hair before I twist it or put it on rollers.


  3. Antoinette

    I don’t really have a great way of detangling right now, at least not one that doesnt break the crap off my hair.
    Usually, I try to detangle in the shower or afterwards using my fingers and a wide-tooth comb. Detangling is the worst!
    I have been looking for a Tangle Teezer in store for 2 weeks and every Sally’s is sold out. Hope I win!

  4. Dee Rose

    I have found that they best way, for me, is to detangle in the shower with my Conair shower comb and then after the shower, I use my modified Denman and go through my hair, in 6-7 sections with conditioner and water mix before twisting. I used to use, at different times, the shower comb alone, or the Denman alone but I decided to use both together because I feel as if using the shower comb alone doesn’t get all of the shed hairs out, but I do need to use it to detangle a bit before going through with the Denman.


  5. Sheena LaShay

    The best way to detangle my hair is to split it into six sections. In each section, I spray it with water and then I add a heap full of herbal essence totally twisted conditioner. Next I use my fingers, followed by a wide tooth comb to detangle that section. Once it’s done, I twist it up, pin it back and move to the next section. My hair is so thick, so I can only do it in sections. I wash it in sections, I deep condition it in sections and so forth. I have a video showing my detangling process here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lt5g2d92qF8
    Sheena LaShay recently posted..The Sun Will Come Out…TOMORROW!

  6. LaNeshe

    De-tangling in sections is a must for me. My main de-tangling takes place in the shower with a wide toothed comb while my hair is soaked with conditioner. Between co-washes I’ll finger de-tangle, and if I’m doing something like bantu knot outs I’ll use the denman to make my hair as smooth as possible.
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  7. Lynnette

    I found when I detangle in small sections with a wide tooth comb I have the best results. I get out majority of my shed hair and I have fewer tangles. My hair is loaded with Aussie Moist when I detangle. That conditioner has the best slip for me!
    Email – naturalquest85@gmail.com

  8. Isabelle

    I detangle with tons of conditioner (not really partial to any one brand) and my ouidad double detangler comb. If my hair’s really a mess I’ll do an oil rinse:
    wash hair, put on some oil, then add conditioner and detangle and then rinse the whole thing out.

      • Isabelle

        I like it a lot, it’s kind of like using two shower combs at once in quick succession and I think that helps in the detangling process.

  9. Mia

    Evoo run through to catch all the shed strands…4 sections..cheapo conditioner for a wide tooth comb detangle…the proceed to wash with shampoo and deep condition

  10. Miss Priss

    I use my FINGERS. I always underestimated them and I’m really not sure why because they have many great uses!

    They help my style, braid, smooth, fluff and the list goes on. But i never ever finger comped the knots and strays from my hair… it just never occurred to me!

    What I have learned is that I am able to catch more knots in my hair by finger combing. It also gives me the opportunity to GENTLY work with tangles and knots by inches tiny pieces of hair from the knot, bit by bit. Initially, I was surprised that finger combing actually detangled so effectively.

    In conclusion, don’t underestimate those little guys because they are mighty useful and they are the ORIGINAL TOOL!

  11. Krystalyn

    Hey Chai, First time poster. I generally use my denman to detangle. But I think that the conditioner of choice makes the biggest difference. A conditioner with really great slip helps a lot. I detangle in the shower when my hair is loaded with conditioner. Also a good trim makes the detangling process a lot easier. Great post. I’d surely like to try out the tangle teezer to see how this would work in my mostly 4b hair.

    Thanks for posting this!

  12. Joy

    Well I am about 11 months into my long transition and I haven’t had too much of a hard time detangling until recently – particularly in the back of my hair. I usually section my hair into four sections. While in the shower with lots of conditioner (YTC of late) – my 15 year old detangling comb does the trick very easily in the front sections. The back (moreso the middle) usually requires several bouts of conditioner – especially since I detangle under a running stream of water (I’ve found that running water also helps my tangles to melt), and my detangling comb. I’m probably going to order the tangle teezer hoping that it will make the process much easier for the middle of my hair. I am also unsure how this process will evolve as my hair continues to grow out.

  13. Chinye

    I recently started detangling my hair with my fingers, previously with a 2 sided detangling comb. Typically, I make 6-8 sections, slather on some conditioner, and rake my fingers through until I feel no tangles. After each section is tangle free, I loosely twist and move onto the next one. Then I wash and condition in those same twists. My whole washing reginim takes close to 2 hours, which really isn’t all that bad. Finger detangling takes time, but I found that it is worth not feeling a comb pulling through my ends.

    I am, however more and more intrigued with this tangle teezer thing! I just watched on of my fav ytbers (Bronzeqt) and her review was very helpful. She spoke about the teezer giving her a smoother finish than the denman (which I could appreciate because my denman never really gave me a smooth finish for a twist out, leaving it rather lifeless) and that the teezer helps eliminate matting and tangles at the root, something the comb never really did for me. These two things definitely have peeked my interest alllll the way up. Check her video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acWFPOjHHFk

    • chai

      yep!! saw her’s this morning & was further convinced I needed to try this thing out!according to her, twistouts looked & felt better after using…THAT is a great reason to at least try

  14. Raychelle

    Well, I would have to say the best way I found to detangle my hair is thru sections, I usually pre poo my hair with EVOO. I let it sit for about an hour, then I spray my hair with water and detangle in each section with my shower comb. To me it’s easier to wash in the shower and style afterwards!!!


  15. nash

    I have been all natural (no weave, flatiron or hot comb) for about 6 weeks now! And on my quest for the perfect hair care regimen, I came across mop top mavens hair washing routine. I also suffer badly from single strand knots, like almost 2 inches high from the ends, but I digress moptop struggles with single strand knots too; so I found her regimen extremely neccessary! I section my hair (which is loaded with suave conditioner) in 5 sections with clamps and run Luke warm water on each section as I first finger detangle, then detangle with my wide-tooth comb and lastly detangle with my denman. I really think this method as ceased the single strand knots! It used to take me almost 30-40 minutes to detangle prior to this method, and now with the use of this method it has cut it down to 17 minutes! Detangling under water is honesty works best for me, and if there is any product or tool that could get my detangle time down to 15 minutes or even 10 minutes I would love to try it!

  16. Nefertiti

    I’ll play! I’m not on Facebook, so this is my only way to enter.

    My favorite way to detangle my hair (so far) has been finger detangling on dry, oiled/lubricated hair. The best time is when I’m taking out my twists/braids before a wash, and the oil I use to help remove tangles and shed hair also serves as a pre-poo treatment. No comb or brush has done as well as my hands have done, in terms of preventing breakage and pain, though I suppose detangling implements are probably more thorough. Still not worth it for me, though!
    Nefertiti recently posted..You can never go wrong with a little Mos and TalibWelp Now I

  17. mangomadness

    I detangle on in 5-7 sections with my fingers and a water/aloe vera/honey spritz. It’s the best way I’ve found to get rid of knots and tangles while being gentle with my hair. With that said, I am curious about the Tangle Teazer.

  18. Cindy

    I like detangling in the shower with a wide tooth comb. Then when I style, I will go through it with a small tooth come to achieve a smooth twist out. However, maybe the tangle teezer could eliminate a step. That would be great!

  19. tracey nabors

    I find to detangle for me, after shampooing, I apply a small amount of olive oil and let sit on soaking wet hair and then apply my conditioner. I detangle with a wide tooth comb and have found that this method allows easier detangling and less knots as my hair is 4a/4b texture. But I am dying to see what the Tangle Teaser can do with this method!

  20. Kathryna

    Good Afternoon!,

    The best way to detangle for me is to section my hair into quadrants while in the shower gently with my fingers. Then I soak the section I’m working with, at the time, with water and then load it up with conditioners from end to root, and then I clip it up and let the conditioner soak in properly. I do that with every one of the sections. Then I take the one I did first down and I detangle with my ouidad double detangler from ends to root, and then clip it back up and work around to the other parts. I then rinse most of the conditioner out section by section then do a cool/cold rinse and I’m all done!

    Thanks for this great opportunity. I’ve wanted to give the tangle teaser a try for a while now. Have a great day!

  21. Moni

    I love my Ouidad comb for detangling. I find that detangling with my Ouidad in the shower with conditioner works best for me.

  22. Ann

    Currently I load my hair with conditioner, let it marinate a few minutes before tackling my thick, dense hair with a shower comb. But even then I still have a few snap, crackles and pops and my hair doesn’t seem like its detangled that good.

    I have searched 3 different Sally’s for the Tangle Teezer but to no avail. I believe this would be a detangling lifesaver if I could just get my hands on one.

    Thank you.


  23. Angel

    I’ve learned that the best way to detangle my hair is by covering it with a good conditioner with lots of slip and using a wide tooth comb to gently detangle from tip to root.

    I ‘liked’ your page on facebook :)
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  24. NB

    The best way I’ve found to detangle is with a wide-tooth comb and lots of conditioner on soaking wet hair. I have a great comb that looks somewhat like the Ouidad double-detangler, except my comb is by Conair and it cost a little over $2.00, lol! Unfortunately I am not the most gentle person with my hair (I am trying to be better!) so I still have lots of breakage when I detangle. After reading and watching several reviews, the Tangle Teezer is definetly on my list of hair tools to acquire.

  25. Urban Sista

    The best way to detangle is patiently! I’m still playing around with a couple of wide tooth combs and my Denman brush, but I’ve found that when I take my time and go slowly I get my hair done without pulling out as much hair. I’m trying to get my hands on a Tangle Teezer — you can’t find the dang things in Canada — to find out if that can help with my detangling :)
    Urban Sista recently posted..Tangle Teezer &amp Shea Moisture to Canada!

  26. Tionie

    Usually I detangle after shampooing… I finger-comb lightly, then apply some Aussie MOIST and bust out my Denman… For a while I thought I was doing great with the Denman, but after seeing all these reviews with the Tangle Teezer, I can admit that I am losing an unreasonable amount of hair.

    I’d love to try the Tangle Teezer to save my strands, but unfortunately none of the Sallys’ in Canada carry them as yet… *sigh*… Hope I win!

  27. KARLA

    The best way to detangle my hair is in six sections with conditioner and a wide tooth comb.,

  28. Candice

    The best way to detangle my hair is loaded with conditioner using either a denman-type brus or a wide tooth comb.

  29. Alicia

    Following on FB!

    And I haven’t really found a great way to detangle. Lots of conditioner, natch, but I don’t ever really clear it all out (currently using a wide toothed comb and my hands). Sucks! I need more hair. =(

  30. Kierra J

    i use a wide tooth comb section and lots of hh conditioner and then my fingers if i find a knot or big tangle instead of the comb so i dont rip my hair then twist my hair so it doesnt tangle back up and rinse them out =]

  31. Misty

    I use a wide tooth comb section it and detangle carefully with a good condish wash it out and then baggie with a homemade deep conditioner. i have beendebating on gettin this for a while bcuz ive heard rave reviews on the tangle teaser it seems lik a gift from god for us curlys lol cant wait to try it. 16, curly, and workin it on a budget. have a nice day and bye :)

  32. DreamchaZer

    The best way I have found to detangle my hair is dividing it into 4 sections. I will detangle with plenty of condish and my fingers on co-wash days. On wash days I detangle with my Jibre(sp) shower comb. I have also found this works even better when I pre-poo.

  33. Nne A

    I put my freshly washed soaking wet hair in 6 sections and slap on a whole lot of condish. Then I finger comb a few times and then comb through a few times with my Jilbere comb.

  34. Maleigh

    First of all, it is very nice of you to give a tangle teezer away as I have heard wonderful things about them and my local Sally’s does not carry them right now. I have read some great methods of detangling so far. The truth is, I have not mastered a detangling method so I can not really say that I detangle a certain way. I was losing what I felt was too much hair when I used my Denman brush. I then stopped using it and started using a wide-tooth comb instead. This method worked okay, but I do not feel that it detangles my hair all that thorough. My hair type is kinky-curly with lots of small pen-sized coils. I have tried applying various products such as tons of conditioner, conditioner and shampoo mixed together, shea butter based moisturizers, etc. Nothing has helped me to detangle my hair in less than 2 hours! I have been natural for about 19 months now so I hope that the Tangle Teezer will make my hair happy!

  35. T. Darby

    The way that I’ve learned to detangle my hair is to divide into sections, lots of conditioner and use a wide toothed comb and work my way for the bottom to the root of my hair.

  36. BrownBabe

    What usually works for me is a light finger detangle while dry and/or slathered with coconut oil. Then I hop in the shower and continue to finger detangle while shampooing. Rinse. Then add a bunch of slippy conditioner and detangle with my shower comb, twisting into sections as I go. Then, untwist & rinse each section and comb through under running water, retwist. This usually leaves me good to go. I’ll use my Denman for smoothing my hair out as I style & it works to remove any stubborn tangles/shed hair that remain. Y, voila!

  37. Brittney Dunn

    The best way I have found to detangle is to section my hair into about 8 sections after I shampoo my hair. Then put in my leave in. After I put in my leave in, I finger comb and then use my wide tooth comb. After that I use my denman brush.


  38. Daja Jackson

    I find that my hair gets sufficient detangling by using finger combing. However, I feel I could do the whole detangling process a lot better if I had the tangle teezer. For right now, I basically wash my hair once a month by doing a DC with the twists I already have in all month long (typically have 20 twists). I then wash the twists with either liquid shampoo or a shampoo bar (which ever is around). Then, I section all my twist into 4 sections using jumbo clips (The twists are still twisted at this point. They are just clumped together in jumbo clips). I work with one section at a time by applying conditioner and an oil mix to the twists in that section and began to unravel them. With each twists unraveled I just smooth my fingers throughtout the twists until all the twists are no longer in a twist formation. I do this same process to all the other sections of twists. Lastly, I rinse the conditioner out and liberally add the oil mix to my hair shaft and braid my hair to elonogate my hair. I let it dry like that all day/night long. The next morning I undo the braids and twist my hair back up for the next month. I haven’t really mastered the whole detangling process so I feel the tangle teezer would benefit me in finally detangling effectively. Sometimes I find it hard to twist my hair because my finger combing was not effective in getting all the hair detangled. Thanks for the opportunity in advance!
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  39. Lola

    The best way thus far for me to detangle is in four sections, lots of condish and finger combing. I would LOVe to win in order to experience the TAngle Teezer!

  40. Sally

    I find that fingercombing my hair followed by my denman is the best way to detangle my hair with the least amount of hair loss…It is very time consuming and tiring but it works.

  41. Arlene

    My hair has to be wet in order for me to detangle. LOL But so far the paddle brush has been the best way for me to detangle. I do feel like the longer it gets though the harder it will be to detangle.

  42. dearheart15

    The best way for me to detangle is with wet hair in multiple sections. I load up on condish, finger detangle each section, go through with a wide tooth comb, then smooth with the denman. It takes a lot of effort, but it works for me. I can never use the denman first… Thanks for the great giveaway.

  43. Sharita

    I’ve found that a wide toothed comb has been my best tool for detangling my hair. But I am opened to any NEW options ;-)

  44. lyndsay w

    im terrible to my hair im pretty sure i dont detangle often enough but when i do i part it into like six sections and slather it w/ conditoner and finger comb it then brush through it with my denman. sometimes ill sleep with olive oil on my hair the night before
    my sister says it helps w/ her breakage but havent really noticed a difference

  45. Manny

    The only way I can detangle my hair is with a wide toothed comb while SATURATED with conditioner. I tried finger combing but with a twa that doesn’t work at all.

  46. Yusi Xu

    I’ve learned that the best way to detangle my hair is by covering it with a good conditioner with lots of slip and using a wide tooth comb to gently detangle from tip to root.

    I ‘liked’ your page on facebook :)

  47. Cheryl B.

    I work through my hair one section at a time. Each section is coated with good quality conditioner!

  48. Tiffanie B.

    I’m fairly new at the best natural hair practices but what seems to work best for me is the wide toothed comb on well conditioned/wet hair

  49. telbails

    The best way for me to detangle my hair, when wet or dry, is to put some Kinky-Curly Knot Today. Then comb through sections with a wide tooth comb. Some times I even just use my hands.

    email: smbailey1818@gmail.com

  50. Olisa O

    The best way to detangle my hair is sectioning it into about 6 sections, applying a cheap drugstore conditioner (Suave naturals is my favorite) and using a wide tooth comb/my fingers to get single strand knots out! I twist each section afterward as I finish to prep for washing!

  51. Stacye

    Besides praying and lighting candles at the local catholic church ( i’m not even catholic) I found that the following are the best ways to get the knots to be gone from my curlies:

    1) Saturate my hair with a great smelling conditioner ( the smell is to give a sista some aromatheraphy during the session)

    2) Put some really good music on so I can dance around the bathroom while finger detangling from bottom to root. Instead of standing in one place about to pass out!

    3) Make sure to do the process in sections and hold them in place with cute accessories from the dollar tree ( I can’t resist them since they are ONLY a dollar. Have to use them sometime right?)

  52. Crimson Diva

    Recently realized my hair is a lot thinner than I ever thought. All I really need is some good conditioner and a wide tooth comb to detangle. ;)

  53. nneka


  54. Jaseaka

    I ordered the tangle teezer last week and i love it on my 4c hair!! This is the first time in years a hand full of my hair isn’t left in the sink!! I tried it ONCE on my mom hair ( relaxed ) and she loved it also!!! So hopefully this will be a chance for her to have her own!!

  55. Mo

    I have been wanting to use this. I have started to slather my hair with condish and detangle with my fingers then a modified Goody brush.


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