January 7, 2011

Salvaging the Fluff with Shea Moisture

One of the many lessons learned week in and week out from washing, styling and waiting over 8 hours for your thick mane to dry, is that often times…it’s best to fail in order for success to rear it’s fluffy little head. In some ways, it’s the most annoying right of passage to being completely comfortable in accepting the ‘fluff.’

The ‘fluff’ is often experienced whilst one natural is in a rush throughout the day, hardly enough time to tame the regular errands of the morning, noon & afternoon, but just enough time to force the fro into something presentable for another work/play week. You might just manage to wash & detangle, but fall short of the often time consuming task of deep conditioning with your favorite DC. Late nights filled with twisting and smoothing hair, can often turn into rushed mornings where, with hair still slightly wet from the night before, you still have to ‘make it work’ and say…whatevs.

This past week landed me in a similiar situation…perhaps not as dramatic, but nonetheless. Twas shameful, but after starting the New Year without a proper deep conditioning, I settled on a quick cleansing of the scalp & styled the hair, only to have my damp twists turn into a dry, crinkly entanglement. To help salvage yet another no-time hair faux pas, I turned to Shea Moisture’s Coconut & Hibiscus Hold & Shine Moisture Mist. The goal was to remoisturize the crap out of what old man Winter managed to insight on my head.

The window shopper in me picked this up while at Target a few weeks back without any inkling of how to proceed. Yes, there are directions…BUT, with natural hair I find this matters less and less. So, before heading to bed…and with plenty of time left to twist using my nightly routine, I sprayed, prayed and woke up the following morning with shiny & revived hair!

It’s tricky territory with products formulated to leave hair shiny and provide hold, because with natural hair it’s usually anyone’s guess – factor in dew points, current moisture level, etc – and it’s easy to fall into the …’this doesn’t work for me’ file. I’m usually of the mind…make it work. Especially if the first ingredient is water (instant moisture) and coconut oil, two things my hair thrives on, which also happen to be the first 2 ingredients.

The spray did smooth out many a frizz situation while making hair incredibly soft-to-touch. I did not saturate the hair while twisting, but lightly sprayed then sealed with a shea-butter based hair cream. The above pics are the result the day after untwisting. Sadly, no portraits of the tangled mess…but TRUST…it resembled 7-day hair at best because of the dryness, lack of curl definition factor.

Instead of remoisturizing again the following night, I simply continued with my nightly routine and this morning loved the reulsts even more! This time ‘fluff’ had character and didn’t feel threatened by the harsh winds of Winter.

I’ve probably said it here before, but while I adore the ups/downs/twists & turns of natural hair, hardly do I enjoy fussing with my hair more than a few times a week. Apart from my nightly routine, the most managing of the hair takes place in the a.m. right before dipping and fluffing for full Fro effect, so for the cost of about $9 I love that I can use this once a week to revive whatever might need saving during the course of the week. More so now with Winter the moisture mist works amazingly well.

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